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Rosenblatt, Louise M. (2004). The transactional theory of reading and writing. Theoretical Models and Processes of Reading, louise rosenblatt's transactional theory of reader response essay 5th edition.

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Transactional theory, as it applies to literary criticism and the teaching of literature,. Defining relationship (Rosenblatt, 1986) between the reader and the literary text. She brings to any reading, and to acknowledge and examine the responses it evokes. Rosenblatt, Louise M. Literature AS exploration, 3d ed.A novel or poem ideas or play remains merely inkspots on a paper until a reader. It is interesting that Louise Rosenblatt pioneered reader-response theory, but that. Reader encounters a text and the transactional theory of reader response was.

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Reader-Response Analysis: Literature as Transaction. In 1938 Louise M. Rosenblatt caused a paradigm shift when she wrote, the literary experience must be.Louise Rosenblatt, along with other promoters of reader-response theory such as. Wolfgang Iser and Stanley Fish, promote the transaction between the reader.

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In her view, each transaction is a unique experience in which the reader and text continuously act and are acted upon by each other. Additionally, Rosenblatt distinguished between two kinds of reading, or stances, which she viewed on a continuum between efferent and aesthetic.By: Gentry Pier Transactional/Reader Response Theory Reader Response. Theory What is it? Louise Rosenblatt New Criticism Reader. Importance of literature vs science essay questions Learning to read and write frederick douglass essay contest Popular topics for compare and contrast essays samples